We get a lot of rainy days here in The Peg in the early spring and summer. I love it, being from an area where precipitation is low causing a drought for the last several years. The prairie rains turn the multitude of trees here exceptional and varied shades of green. 

One can almost hear our flowers and vegetables giggling with delight as they bathe in fresh, clean water, falling from the heavens. I especially delight in the thunderstorms. 

I see them as Mother Nature stirring life and energy back into the Earth and its inhabitants when the warm, summer days just make us want to nap in the hammock. Its a perfect day for some rainy day projects.


We spend quite a bit of time out in the gardens during clear, sunny days. Planting, pruning, mowing and of course, sun-bathing. Rainy days allow me to focus on indoor projects that I have let fall by the wayside.

Today, I have a few good ones my list.

On days that I’m home, its a lovely project on a rainy day is to fill the kitchen with delicious aromas. It’s a nice “welcome home” for Darren when he comes back from his shop and provides us an opportunity to connect over a good meal before getting on with the rest of our  days. 

Piquanté Chicken Corn Chowder

Of course, this is very much a reciprocal activity. Often times, I’ll walk through the front door only to be enveloped by fragrances that tell tales of his culinary adventures while I was out. 

Today, I rummage around and find some promising ingredients, harvested corn, potatoes, peppers, chicken and herbs. From the pantry, I gathered some garlic, shallots and spices. What can I make with these? A piquante chicken corn chowder Perfect for a hardy lunch. This recipe makes enough for you to freeze for later enjoyment!

Can’t let a day like this go by without making some cookies. My Mom’s Vintage Butter Pecan Cookies vintage butter pecan cookies should do very nicely. Just a few ingredients and you’ve got the perfect side-kick to whatever hot beverage strikes your fancy on a rainy day. 

The ‘whirring’ sound of the mixer, the smell of freshly baking cookies in the oven and the vision of raindrops tapping on the window make for quite the cozy scene.


Our older home has some wonderful architectural features and bucket loads of potential. For the past several months, I have been working on some design plans for the interior of our home. Just because he’s awesome, and I was missing the one I used to have back in California, Darren surprised me with a new electric fireplace and mantle for our living room!  

It’s a really cozy addition to the room and affords me the opportunity for another rainy day project. Doodling some designs for built-ins around it. It’s such an amazing feeling to see one’s vision just spring to life!

After we finish our lunch and cookies, I settle in by our cozy, flew-less fireplace and continue toying with my design ideas. 

Fireplace on a Rainy Day

After we finish our lunch and cookies, I settle in by our cozy, flew-less fireplace and continue toying with my design ideas. 

Hot Tea on a Rainy Day

Aaaahh…there’s nothing like a hot, steamy mug of accomplishment at tea time. Hmmm, what might I accomplish tomorrow?

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